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For 15 years , I helped multinational businesses implement smart solutions to strengthen their communication, operations, and customer service; I’d love to bring that wealth of experience to your small business, helping to turn browsers into buyers, and buyers into fans and advocates of your business.

I work with like minded business owners, who are ready to to invest in help to organise, streamline, and create a better client experience in order to sustainably grow their business.

My experience involves an-all-over-the map mélange of business units . One day, I might even craft a proper About page about it😛. In the meantime, the short version:

While pursuing a BA in Communications, a chance encounter at the Toronto Film Festival landed me a coveted role in the marketing department for a national broadcaster. I wasn’t remotely qualified, and had no idea what I was doing. But working with their teen and tween tv channels gave me years of hands-on experience building a brand, cultivating a loyal following, and creating an unforgettable client experience. From there, I bounced across the pond, and into Operations ( international banking and aggregate publishing). I account managed many household brands from lux beauty to big pharma. I flew solo, and managed teams of up to 10; spoke at conferences, and delivered 1:1 training across Europe on digital products. I wore holes in my shoes, running around the building to different departments, learning as much as I could about what it takes to get new products and services off the ground.

And now, I’m hope to help you get your service based business off the ground . Whether it’s words on a website, organising a business processes, or beefing up your client experience, I’d love to help. 

It all starts with a conversation, so give me a call, and we can talk about the projects you want to get stuck in to.  Sher  x


Get To Know | SHER

Favorite Travel Spot:   Cape Town, South Africa

Can’t Live Without:   My Dog, Pippa

Must Have Accessory:   Ray Ban Sunglasses

Best Advice:   Be confident and stay positive

Describe yourself in one Word:   Fashionista

Secret Talent:   Singing in the Shower

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